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Are you looking for an inspirational speaker who can dynamically deliver the freeing message of chastity? It is often through attending a chastity talk, as they are sometimes 'woefully' called, that the seed of conversion is planted in a young persons heart.


For the past six years, the CEI has been pleased to sponsor and host nationally recognized chastity speaker, Jason Evert, at dozens of high schools, middles schools and parishes throughout the Archdiocese of Chicago and beyond. Jason's sense of humor and hard facts appeal to teens and adults alike. An apologist for Catholic Answers, Jason recently co-authored "Theology of the Body for Teens," a curricula for teaching the profound truth and beauty of human sexuality as taught by Blessed John Paul II.


  In addition, we have invited Brian Butler from Dumb Ox Productions multiple times to give Theology of the Body for Teens  Trainings. He recently led a Theology of the Body for Teens - Youth Leadership Training Retreat for some Chicago High School Teen Leaders.



Don't hesitate to contact us to schedule Jason or Brian for a presentation, we are taking reservations for future dates.




Dawn Fitzpatrick, Senior Coordinator of Human Dignity and Solidarity Office for the Archdiocese of Chicago.  She has been with the Arch since June 2014, and she brought 10 years of parish youth ministry experience from both the diocese of Charleston and the Archdiocese of Baltimore.  She holds a Masters’ Degree in Communication and a graduate certificate in Theology.  She is currently seeking certification in Theology of the Body from the Theology of the Body Institute.  Prior to making a life in church ministry, she was a corporate trainer and instructional designer.  She taught college students in her spare time for over 20 years at 3 different colleges.  Dawn’s primary vocation of wife and mother is shared with her husband of 24 years, Mike, and her two daughters Elyse and Erin.


Raymund Pingoy, Office of Human Dignity and Solidarity Coordinator, is an excellent speaker on various youth issues. As a former missionary worker for an International Catholic Family Ministry, Raymund has traveled different parts of the world and knows how to reach teens with the messages of chastity and respect life in a relevant way. Raymund is available for any audience size. Other topics he speaks on include puberty, parent talks (on how to teach your children chastity, etc.), and Theology of the Body Talks for any audience. 


For smaller audiences, the Respect Life Office offers a variety of effective chastity speakers. We also provide puberty talks to all boy/all girl 5-6 grade audiences. Please let us know your specific needs, such as any language requirements. We are in the process of building a speakers group to help spread the message of Chastity in the Archdiocese of Chicago. If you are interested in joining the speakers group, please contact our office.


To schedule a chastity presentation, please contact Dawn Fitzpatrick at the Respect Life Office, 312.534.5355 or fill out our Speakers Request Form and submit via fax or email to Dawn Fitzpatrick.




Theology of the Body for Teens

Theology of the Body for Teens, by Jason & Crystalina Evert and Brian Butler, is a revolutionary chastity program that is being adopted by high-schools and parishes all over the country. It presents the two hottest topics on the planet: God and sex. It "marries" them through Pope John Paul II's compelling vision for love and life. Pope John Paul IIs Theology of the Body is changing lives around the world through its positive portrayal of our sexuality as a good and essential part of love and life.
New! Theology of the Body for Teens: Middle School Edition
There is little doubt that pre-teens are in an often confusing time of quest and discovery, especially with issues concerning their bodies, their sexuality, and their future. There are countless sources - from the airwaves, to peers, to the Internet - ready to provide answers. 
If you are familiar with the High School program, you will instantly recognize and appreciate the format of the Theology of the Body for Teens: Middle School Edition.  Specifically designed for 6th through 8th grades, it too uses a great mix of stories, real-life examples, activities, prayers, and references to the culture that are relevant to lives of the youth. 

The Respect Life Office highly recommends the popular Theology of the Body for Teens Curriculum.  The office helps provide periodic trainings for this wonderful curriculum and can help to defray the costs associated with purchasing this curriculum for the school.  Visit www.tob4teens.com for more information.

The Love and Life series by Colleen Kelly Mast is also another good curriculum available



Are you looking for medically accurate information on STIs or teen pregnancy? Do you want a faithful supplement to your abstinence education materials? We offer a wealth of pamphlets, posters, stickers, pins, books and DVDs that are designed to make the message of chastity come alive for teenagers! At little or no cost, we invite you to take advantage of the many resources we offer to make your ministry more effective! 


Books and Booklets (recommended for junior high and high school students)

  • Pure Love by Jason Evert
  • Pure Womanhood by Crystalina Evert
  • Pure Manhood by Jason Evert
  • If You Really Loved Me: 100 Questions on Dating, Relationships, and Sexual Purity by Jason Evert
  • Real Love by Mary Beth Bonacci
  • Standing With Courage by Mary-Louise Kurey
  • The Meaning of Vocation by Pope John Paul II


Books Specifically for Parents

  • Forming Faithful Families Program Guide by James and Kathleen Littleton
  • Better by the Dozen, Plus Two by James and Kathleen Littleton
  • Better by the Dozen Plus Two, Part Two by Kathleen Littleton
  • Parent Guide To Human Sexuality by Archdiocese of New York
    • First Age Group: Ages 5-10
    • Second Age Group: Ages 9-14
    • Third Age Group: Ages 13-19


Church Documents: (recommended for high school students)

  • Male and Female He Created Them: A Theology of the Body by Pope John Paul II
  • Humanae Vitae by Pope Paul VI
  • Love and Responsibility by Karol Wojtyla (advanced students only)
  • The Truth and Meaning of Human Sexuality: Guidelines for Education within the Family by the Pontifical Council for the Family



  • Sex has a Price Tag by Pam Stenzel
  • Sex and Love: What's a Teenager to Do? by Mary Beth Bonacci
  • Romance Without Regret by Jason and Crystalina Evert


Theology of the Body

In honor of Blessed Pope John Paul II, the CEI is pleased to announce the inclusion of educational materials, presentations and teacher trainings on his extensive teaching regarding human sexuality in God's Divine Plan, Male and Female He Created Them: A Theology of the Body. This collection will assist teens in gaining a profound understanding of sexuality, truth, purity, and love.

Blessed John Paul II's revolutionary message, which affirms human dignity and connects human fulfillment to the imitation of Christ's complete gift of self, counteracts societal pressures that treat the body as an object of pleasure or an instrument for exploitation. It is vital that we share with students the beauty and the reasoning behind why the Church teaches what it does about sexuality.



  • Sex and the Sacred City: Meditations on the Theology of the Body by Steven Kellmeyer
  • Book One: Purity of Heart: Reflections on Love and Lust: Pope John Paul II's Theology of the Body in Simple Language by Sam Torode
  • Book Two: Body and Gift: Reflections on Creation: Pope John Paul II's Theology of the Body in Simple Language by Sam Torode
  • Theology of the Body for Teens by Jason and Crystalina Evert and Brian Butler This is an approved curriculum for Chastity Education among teens.


For More information about these and many other materials our office can help provide, please contact us at 312.534.5355.


Please contact Raymund Pingoy if you want to plan a Parent Presentation in your Parish.