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 Respect Life Ministry in Latino Minimize

Mission: To actively engage the Catholic Spanish speaking community within the Archdiocese of Chicago with the pro-life and chastity message by providing dynamic educational programming and resources, prayer and liturgy events, and opportunities for ministry and activism.

Vision: That the Spanish speaking community, naturally imbued with a strong sense of familial heritage and respect for life, will be among the leaders of the pro-life movement in Chicago and play a vital role in restoring a Culture of Life within our Archdiocese.


History of the Ministry

The Archdiocese of Chicago is blessed with great cultural diversity. Notably, 42% of Catholics in the Archdiocese are speakers of the Spanish language. Whether they are Mexican, Puerto Rican, Ecuadorian or from some other Spanish-speaking nation, these members of the Catholic Community bring particular gifts to the Church in Chicago. In an effort to recognize the contributions of the Spanish speaking community and better minister to their needs, the Respect Life Office, through the advice of Fr. Claudio Diaz, Director of the Office for Hispanic Catholics, launched a task-force in September 2007 to identify the needs of the Spanish speaking community.


Since the initial meeting on September 5, 2007, the task-force has determined specific needs of the Spanish Speaking Community within the Archdiocese of Chicago:


1)      Need for Chastity Education for the Youth

2)      Need for Theology of the Body Education for Adults

3)      Need for Post-Abortion Healing Ministry


To address theses needs, we have recruited leaders and identified resources in these three areas, cognizant of the necessity for both Spanish speaking presenters and materials in Spanish.


The next step for Respect Life Ministry in Spanish is implementation of programs. Through building relationships with pastors and leaders within the Spanish speaking community we hope to actively engage the community on the life and chastity issues. Please allow us to serve you and your community by providing talks, retreats and resources in Spanish to empower the women, men and youth of your parish to be strong advocates of the Gospel of Life and witnesses to the beautiful virtue of Chastity.


For more information about the Spanish Ministry, please contact Victor Vallejo at 312.534.5355.