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Cuerpo y Alma (Body and Soul) Apostolate!


We are excited to now offer to Catholic schools, parishes and youth groups a new addition to the Respect Life Office’s Chastity Education Initiative, the Cuerpo y Alma Team. The team is blessed to have two young married couples that will be reaching out to the Latino community by presenting to Latino teenagers and parents on Chastity and the Church’s beautiful teachings on human sexuality.

Luis and Monica Gonzalez have been married for almost four years. They grew up in Chicago, and met in college where they became chastity speakers. Monica is a pediatric nurse and Luis is an independent broker. Fernando and Lourdes Alessandrini have been married for 13 years. They have been speaking on chastity since they lived in their home country, Mexico. Fernando works for the Mexican Consulate in Chicago, and Lourdes is a full-time stay-at-home mom to three children. This is one of the most worthwhile programs that the Archdiocese of Chicago offers, because it truly will help to change lives.

For more information or to schedule a talk for teens or parent groups, please contact Victor Vallejo at the Respect Life Office at 312.534.5355.