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 Parish Respect Life Coordinator Responsibilities Minimize

The Parish Respect Life Committee, lead by the Parish Respect Life Coordinator (PRLC), is a vital part of Respect Life ministry in the Archdiocese of Chicago. Not only do committees provide resources to their parish on life issues, they also actively evangelize their fellow parishoners on the life issues and support their pastor and priests in making life issues visable and viable at the parish level.

The Parish Respect Life Coordinator (PRLC) organizes and implements the efforts of the Bishops' Pastoral Plan for Pro Life Activities (BPPPLA) at his/her local parish in consultation with the Pastor of that parish.  The BPPPLA specifically focuses on the issues of abortion, infanticide and euthanasia and the PRLC must understand and accept the Church's teaching on these issues.  The PRLC serves both the parish and the Archdiocese of Chicago.


Specific Duties

  • Read and become familiar with the Pastoral Plan for Pro Life Activities.  Review periodically if necessary.  This provides the background behind the Church's teaching on the sanctity of human life and provides a blueprint for implementing the Pastoral Plan.  As representatives of the Bishops on pro-life issues, we follow the leadership of the Bishops’ Pro Life Secretariat in Washington, D.C., particularly regarding public policy matters related to these life issues.
  • Organize a parish committee or structure to help with planning and implementing the specific pro-life programs and/or projects.  The size and formality of this committee or structure depends largely upon the size of the parish.  Some coordinators (particularly in small parishes) may find it unnecessary to establish a formal committee.  However, every parish should at least have a group of volunteers available to help implement programs/projects as needed.
  • Meet regularly (preferably monthly) with the other coordinator(s) (if applicable) to plan an activity for the following month(s).  Try to initiate some pro-life effort (no matter how small) at least once a month.  Review and evaluate these goals periodically.
  • Review with your pastor any pro-life activities, programs or events that will be advertised or carried out at the parish before they take place.
  • Implement specific projects or requests sent from the Respect Life Office or Catholic Conference of Illinois.
  • Serve as a liason between the parish and the Respect Life Office and Catholic Conference of Illinois, forwarding any information or concerns of the parish or pastor.
  • The PRLC is at the service of the pastor.  Upon resignation, the PRLC will inform the pastor of his/her decision and, if possible, assist the pastor in choosing a new PRLC.
  • The PRLC serves in a voluntary manner.  All activities must be subsidized in a manner agreed upon by the pastor.
  • The PRLC may be involved in other pro-life organizations and promote other pro-life events on the parish level, provided the pastor is informed and consents when those events are not under the sponsorship of the Bishops' Pastoral Plan.